What flower do I have?

Hello all, so I was recently at the Philadelphia flower show with my girlfriend. While we were there, she encouraged me to buy a flower for my dorm room. So I ended up with this little one, but now that I'm back, I realized I have no idea what this flower is, or the cycle that I should water it, or how much water to give. I am not really a flower expert, but the only flower it sort of reminds me of is a hibiscus. If anyone can tell me what flower it is and how I should take care of it, please do, I would appreciate it so much. Thank you.

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6 days ago #2
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One of the Kalanchoe, I believe.

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6 days ago #3
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Give it the brightest light you can, and rotate it regularly because it will lean toward the light. Water thoroughly when dry (heft the pot; it will feel "empty" when dry), then let it go awhile without water until it's almost dry again. To feed it, use 1/4 strength liquid fertilizer (any 10-10-10 will do) made up in a gallon jug, and apply it every time you water. Check to be sure that there's a drain hole in the bottom of the pot, and put something under it to serve as a saucer to protect furniture.

That's a beauty! At first glance, looking only at the flowers, it made me think of a miniature Amaryllis in a frenzy of blooming, but Kate's got it right. Sure would like to know which Kalanchoe that is; the flowers look unusually large for such a small plant.

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