How Do You Make Compost For Your Garden?


Find a sunny spot a bit out of the way, toss down grass clippings, deadheaded flowers, coffee grounds and tea leaves, including filters and paper, shredded paper, crushed egg shells, and anything from the kitchen that isn’t from animals (meat, fats).

In fall, even if you don’t have a leaf vacuum that shreds leaves, all the fallen leaves stil can be dumped onto the compost pile. We have a leaf blower-shredder-vacuum, but it’s a back-breaking job to shred our tons of leaves by hand, so we blow them into long pile, spread out the pile, then run over them with our bagging lawn mower. All of those finely-chopped leaves go on our pile, as do all of our grass clippings. If you have a wood chipper, its produce can go on the pile, too, or straight onto beds as mulch.

By spring, we have a nice heap of compost, ready to go. We toss the pile as early as we can in spring, then start using it. We always set aside a little to mix with the new additions.

Every pile should be tossed now and again, especially when adding lots of stuff at once, like grass clippings or new leaves. If it doesn’t receive regular rainfall, it should be watered a bit now and again, to keep it slightly moist, not wet. it should produce lots of heat. If it doesn’t, or if you’re in a hurry, cover it with black plastic, weighed down at the edges. That will make it very hot very fast–but may also kill off some of the worms and microbes that are the magic act of composting, and are very valuable in your soil. To prevent overheating, poke a few holes around the top, or make several very small slits in the plastic.

Do not add pet feces or any pet food tht might include animal products: Those are not healthy to add to soil you might want to use to grow food, and some of them never compost properly. Such things, and meats and fats, do not compost well, don’t produce heat, but do draw all sorts of critters that lay eggs and roduce maggot-like results–and lots of terrible odors.

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  • Vale: Great post! We used to have a compost, but where I live now, I’m afraid we would get rats :(

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