Flower of the month - March 2018

We've decided that spring is the right time to bring our Flower of the month picture contest back to life.

This is the official submission thread for the flower of the month for March 2018!

The rules are simple:

1. Each month we will start a new thread for submissions. Submission starts today and ends on the 29th after which the submission thread will be locked.

2. Voting time starts on the 30th, when a new voting thread will be created and each member can reply with a vote for the most beautiful/interesting flower. At the end of voting, we will count the votes and announce the winner.

3. The picture must be of a flower or a plant you saw.

4. Have fun!

You can also read some interesting blogs I found that may give you some photography tips and discuss ways to improve the quality of your pictures.

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Posted on Site feedback
chris w. avatar
5 days ago #2
chris w.
Platinum Member
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Our first gloriously sunny day and the crocus we're magnificent!

jade avatar
5 days ago #3
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Claytonia avatar
5 days ago #4
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Just about life-size, too!

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