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Transplanting and caring for roses by Claytonia
Transplanting Roses Roses need plenty of sunshine and excellent air circulation. As the weather cools this fall, dig a new hole for your rose in an open area in full sunshine, where it also will enjoy adequate drainage. Dig a BIG hole, 2-3 feet ...
How to fertilize plants in containers by chris w.
Plants in containers usually need regular fertilizing since nutrients wash out with watering and most are planted in a mix of "soil-less" media. Such planting material, in general, does not contain slow releasing, natural minerals and nutrients ...

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I'm working on a free garden design software package, and have written this article about it: http://savage.net.au/Flowers/html/Garden.Design.Software.html
by iFlower - 6 hours ago
Passiflora, passion flower.
by LabourofLove - 8 hours ago
Fab! Thank you!! :)
by Dog Walker Ann - 15 hours ago
Many thanks. I will have to measure them when I return to Cornwall next year but from memory I would say they were more likely 7 cm. Regards Richard
by Mountain Walker - 18 hours ago
I can't believe how tall they are!
by Imogen - 19 hours ago
Thank you for the reply Claytonia! So far I'm under the suspicion that it is Evergreen Wisteria (Millettia reticulate) Just from some Googling I did. I am certainly going to research your ...
by WildThings - 20 hours ago
I want to thank LabourofLove for replying to my request. ADubin
by ADubin - 22 hours ago

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