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Caring for Coleus Indoors by Claytonia
Coleus are among the best of houseplants, adapting nicely to lower indoor light, provided they are carefully watered. Temperature Remember, outdoor light not only is much brighter, it also is warmer than indoor light. Winter indoor environments are much hotter and drier than outdoor environments, so bring your plant in early, while daytime temperatures are about the same indoors and out, ...

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Thanks! A National Park official has confirmed that it is a deathcamas ...though he called it white death camas.
by Name of Wildflower, ... - 5 hours ago
I agree! And there are so many varieties :)
by Vale - 7 hours ago
You're very welcome! They are beautiful, aren't they? Be sure to look them up on Google for more information; being from South Africa, they are used here as annuals, although they are ...
by Claytonia - 9 hours ago
Hmmm, then it is (at least) a New England wildflower, since it grows in both New York and Vermont. I did not realize that it has only the single stem; I thought it was part of a much ...
by Claytonia - 14 hours ago
You're quite welcome, LisaM. Best of health to you and your beautiful plant!
by Claytonia - 14 hours ago
Jade's got it: Rooted cuttings all seem to be either strong and rarin'-to-go, or weak and pitiful; nothing seems to alter those characteristics, either. The strong ones will grow on even ...
by Claytonia - 22 hours ago
Thank you, Chris. That's balm to my very sore heart. I will think of your dad, too, while I cherish Robin's Rose.
by Claytonia - 22 hours ago
The are favored plants of pollinators, so just let them go to seed and spread the seed around. You will soon have as many as (or more than) you like.
by LabourofLove - 1 day ago
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