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How to set up a watering system for your garden by Vale
Looking for an easy way to keep your garden watered? Try setting up your own watering system! In the above image, the green is the lawn area and the purple are the flower beds that need water. 1. First, draw a planned map of your garden. ...
Tips for creating a low maintenance garden by Vale
Are you looking for a way to have a beautiful garden without all the time consuming maintenance? Here are a few ideas for low maintenance gardens! By Tedmoseby (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons Re-evaluate your lawn. A ...

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What flower is this? I need to know for a contest and I cannot find it anywhere!
by What flower is this? - 2 days ago
Celosia, 'Flamingo Feather'
by LabourofLove - 3 days ago
Passiflora - there are many kinds.
by LabourofLove - 3 days ago
I saw this video and I want to know the names of all the flowers other than the roses ....And one roe plant which is giving out flowers of two different colors. Is it possible ? ...
by florrrissstttt - 5 days ago
Claytonia, next time anything like that happens, please take a screenshot of the message you are getting (404 or whatever) and post it here on this
by jade - 6 days ago
It does appear to be Hibiscus mutabilis, Confederate Rose.
by CJ - 6 days ago
Just lucky. Warm soil is the thing that germinating seeds want more than anything else.
by LabourofLove - 6 days ago

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