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ROSE by tina2good
The Rose Have you ever loved a Rose, and watched her bloom; and as her petals would unfold, you grew drunk on her perfume. Have you ever seen her dance, her leaves all wet with dew; and quivered with a new romance- the wind, he ...
Orange Peel Clematis/ Clematis Tangutica by tina2good
After falling in love with flowers, I fell harder for wild flowers. Though I have hunted wild flowers on almost all kinds of terrain... I love alpine flowers. I dont have a lot of information on these flowers and I am yet to identify a lot of ...

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This thread is now locked. Please vote for your favorite flower on the voting thread: http://www.flowersforums.com/voting-for-april-flower-of-the-month-56927.html#56927
by jade - 2 hours ago
Voting is now open! Voting starts today and will run until the end of this month. The picture with the most votes when voting closes is the winner. Voting Rules: 1. You can only vote for ...
by jade - 2 hours ago
Sorry, I don't have access to a camera, but we have a bush that is quite hardy with violet blooms that hang down. The blooms remind me of the fuschia blooms I've seen. The leaves are ...
by Guest - 58 minutes ago
Dichelostemma capitatum, aka Wild Hyacinth or Blue Dicks. There is a great website for you to check out that allows you to search wildflowers for Monterey County by color. Check it out: ...
by chris w. - 2 hours ago
I braved the needles and its plastic pots!!
by Oreo1 - 5 hours ago
OK bummer I'll have to look for another one thank you ☺
by Oreo1 - 5 hours ago
I'm trying to help a friend identify this flower. She took the photo in Jamul, CA on 3/25/2017 in grassland or maybe chaparral. Thanks.
by trobinson41 - 19 hours ago

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