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Dividing Lily Bulbs by Claytonia
When the flowers of lily plants die, the plant--the stem and leaves--should be left intact and kept adequately watered (not kept soaking wet) until it finally yellows and dies. Neither spent flowers nor yellowing stems and leaves means that a ...
Roses - Maintenance Pruning by chris w.
Most roses benefit from a good pruning in late winter/early spring prior to the first major flush of growth. At this time, they can be cut back to approx. 2'. Some people prefer to leave more stem while others prefer to cut back even further. ...
Mason Bees by chris w.

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Be careful: whether it's the vine form or the bush form, they are VERY seed-aggressive and will come up inside of everything. The best use for them is is a lawn where the billions of ...
by LabourofLove - 1 hour ago
I will as soon as I can take another picture. Thank you for your reply.
by JoeBas - 3 hours ago
Thank you for the flower name. I couldn't find this in my large flower book. It is a really lovely plant, the birds might have dropped the seed. G
by Purple Flower - 5 hours ago
Nope, Jo-Anne, Cross-vine is a Bignoniaceae, and Trumpet Honeysuckle is one of the Caprifoliaceae--vastly different families of plants. Google both plants and look at the images carefully. ...
by Claytonia - 6 hours ago
It's quite a little charmer, isn't it? Enjoy!
by Claytonia - 6 hours ago
Nice! All I get is weak and scattered little plants. That's pretty in a little tussock. Thanks, David.
by Claytonia - 6 hours ago
Oh, no! Well, we'll just have to figure out what it was, then, won't we? I'm hunting for the address for a woman at a botanical garden who's been very helpful in the past. I'll send the ...
by Claytonia - 6 hours ago
If the leaves are no longer green and fairly firm, they've done what they can to feed the bulbs and can be cut off, or pulled if a gentle tug will remove them. But don't just pull them; ...
by Claytonia - 6 hours ago
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