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How can some bulbs "plant" themselves? by Claytonia
Erythronium americanum and E. album, native Yellow and White Trout Lily, form minuscule bulbs from seed,then send a sort of "foot" downward, which develops a thick spot that eventually fattens into another bulb, which repeats the process. ...
How can you make cut flowers last longer? by Claytonia
When you go outdoors to cut flowers, take along a larger-than-you-expect-to-need container of fresh, very cold water that you've left on a shady porch overnight (to allow chemicals to evaporate, or at least dissipate a bit) to a depth that will ...

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Philadelphus, mock orange.
by LabourofLove - 6 hours ago
Thank you very much.
by billjacovina - 16 hours ago
No problem. Thank you Claytonia. I really like this site! Bill
by billjacovina - 16 hours ago
Aha! Contractile roots! How nice to have proper terminology for them. Thank you, Ripp! (Ignorance is NOT bliss. It's just ignorance.)
by Claytonia - 22 hours ago
You're quite right, it is indeed one of the Michaelmas daisies. I think it also may be one of the New England Asters. What do you think?
by Claytonia - 22 hours ago
Interesting, I never knew that some plants / trees could do this! I wonder if the same goes for Dahlias because some of mine came out of the ground during the rainy season and I never ...
by Vale - 1 day ago
Hey thanks a lot. I also confirmed they bring hollyhocks from a botany expert friend of mine. Have sowed the seeds too. It's ten days now no sprouts yet
by Sadikhussain - 1 day ago

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