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One of the genus Ipheion, I think.
by Claytonia - 4 hours ago
Please post a photo.
by Claytonia - 4 hours ago
Might be Forsythia, which makes yellow bells early in spring, and usually is among the first shrubs to bloom. As a general rule, all flowering shrubs -- except roses -- should be pruned ...
by Claytonia - 4 hours ago
The plant is Asclepias purpurea, Common Milkweed. The flowers are a dusty-pink and fragrant. The plant is a magnet for bees and buttrflies until it finally dies in the frosts of late ...
by Claytonia - 4 hours ago
Thank you!
by Elizabeth - 5 hours ago
Gosh, I think I may have found it. Vicia faba, Broad Bean. What more could we ask than beautiful flowers and edible beans, too? Goody, that's something even I could grow. What do you ...
by Claytonia - 6 hours ago
Good call, Briar! That bit of prurience seems to serve well,:P I think mine must be off today; I didn't make the connection until I read your reply:woohoo:
by Ripp - 6 hours ago
That's a nice little bulb, just be careful not to overwater -- I killed mine that way! If you don't have freezing winters, next time you repot, tuck some into the garden and see how they ...
by Claytonia - 8 hours ago
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