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Is over watering killing your plant? by Claytonia
‌The problem may lie not with how much, but how. Watering too much, too often, can "sour" soil, making it unhealthy for roots. Watering frequently, but not enough can encourage roots to come to the surface after the water, which can make them vulnerable to winter cold and summer heat. ONLY water once a week, very deeply. Almost all plants require one inch of rainfall (or irrigation) to b

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Okay, I don't feel quite so at sea. Like you, I prefer the singles for their better scent and greater beauty. (Double anythings don't do much for me; they all look alike. Must ...
by Claytonia - 41 minutes ago
Fritillaria imperialis, Crown Imperial Fritillaria. Trying this for the first time at home this year!
by Ripp - 48 minutes ago
The last photo is of Sedum ternatum, Woodland Stonecrop, a U. S. native of woodlands and at least partly shaded, moist places. It is a succulent member of the Cactaceae, or Cactus family.
by Claytonia - 11 hours ago
A photo would help us to identify those plants, but I think they may be Tragopogons, also known as Goat's-bard, Salsify, or oystr Palnt, dpending on which they are. Trgopogon is a European ...
by Claytonia - 11 hours ago
Puschkinia libanotica, beautiful interplanted with sapphire-flowred Scilla siberica. Grows from a small bulb and reseeds beautifully, although, as with all seedling bulbs, three years must ...
by Claytonia - 16 hours ago
Ofcourse Seraphine... u r right.:)
by tina2good - 16 hours ago
May be a surprise lily. They have thin green leaves at first with no flowers. Then they go away and a tall stem with no leaves comes up with the pink flower.
by mandaa - 21 hours ago
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