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Growing a plant outside of its natural environment by Claytonia
Many plants will grow where they are not native; witness the hundreds of alien species that have become naturalized throughout the United States. I grow several plants in full sun that I found in damp, shady, dense woodlands, and a few of the plants I found in broiling sun seem grateful for the shelter of at least light shade. I have a plant I fished out of soggy soil thriving in a very dry ...
Tuberose by Claytonia

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Hello, Guest. Welcome to Flowers Forums. Please provide more details and some photos of the plant in question. See ...
by Claytonia - 7 hours ago
If it were planted so that it had very sharp drainage and if temperatures stayed above freezing, probably so.
by Claytonia - 8 hours ago
Please try Googling under the manufacturer's name; we do not sell any parts, nor do we post information about commercial web sites. Thank you, Claytonia
by Claytonia - 8 hours ago
Hello, Bella. Please see www.flowersforums.com/would-you-like-to-have-a-plant-identified-42846.html for information about the details we will find helpful in trying to identify your plant. ...
by Claytonia - 8 hours ago
Ordered seeds online. I thought I was growing sunflowers, but it's past 2 months and the 'plants' have not bloomed yet. Can someone help me identify what these plants are? They're tall and ...
by Guest - 16 hours ago
i don't know:( but i will reaserch ...
by bella - 19 hours ago
Thank you, I think you are correct!
by Estelle P - 1 day ago
Mandevilla? Google that and see if that's it. Hard to tell from your photo, which is too blurry for my old eyes, but I think that's it.
by Claytonia - 1 day ago
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