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Caring for a Kalanchoe plant by Sue Salisbury Maui Hawaii
I have had Kalanchoe plants for a few years and love these beautiful flowers. Kalanchoes are succulent plants and, therefore, they don't really like too much water. I recommend checking the plant every 7-10 days and just feeling the soil for ...
Caring for a flowering plant by Claytonia
If you have a plant that is not growing flowers, this could be because it is not being given proper care. In order to flower, plants must have several of their needs met: Proper light: For some plants, that's full and direct sunlight; for others, ...
Taking indoor cuttings by LabourofLove

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Forgot to mention, you an now also zoom on mobile devices.Have fun,Mickey.
by admin - 13 hours ago
Hello, Shannin. Welcome to Flowers Forums. We'll need a little more information if we are to attempt to identify your plant for you! Please see ...
by Claytonia - 16 hours ago
Better late than never. They are most likely garlic chive flowers - allium tuberosum.
by Eccles - 1 day ago
You are welcome :) I am looking forward for more then.
by tina2good - 2 days ago
A lily of some sort
by tina2good - 2 days ago
Yes, indeed. That is it. Thank you very much. My Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi looks pretty anemic compared to the one pictured here: ...
by crismahn - 3 days ago
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